Children’s Birthday Milestone Plaque


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This unique children’s Birthday Milestone Plaque measures approximately 30cm x 24cm. This hand painted plaque is detailed with hand stamped 3D shapes detailing various milestones/likes/dislikes personal to the child. It is finished with polka dot ribbon along with vinyl name and stars. This special plaque makes the most beautiful keepsake to look back on every year. This plaque can come in either white/grey/blue or white/grey/pink colour combinations. Please note that the 3d shapes on the plaque may vary slightly from those pictured.

Personalisation Instructions

Please send an e-mail to with details of the child’s name, date and time of birth and around 8 – 10 milestones/likes/dislikes you’d like to be included in the plaque. Please list them in order of preference as I will fit in as many of these I can but in some cases they may not all fit onto the plaque. Please also specify if you would like the white/grey/blue or white/grey/pink colour combination.


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